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the Raya wanted urgent relief; so Ramayyan was to reach
Madura at onjce. Ramayyan welcomed the chance of showing
his valour against the Muslims and taking leave of his
lieutenants in the camp including his son-in-law, Kondap-
payyan, after giving them instructions and promising to return
on the eighth day, he travelled in state by palanquin via Hana-
Madura, and Tiruppuvanam; reaching Madura he had
audience with Tirumala to whom he promised an easy
victory against the Muslim troops, and much booty including
fine horses at the end of the campaign; Tirumala blessed
his enterprise and gave him a hearty send off. Ramayyan's
route northward lay along Tuvariman, ^olavandan, Vada-
madura, Dindigal, Tekkamalai, Manapparai, Irattaimalai,
Trichinopoly, Srirangam, Samayapuram, Kannanur, Dttattur,

~¥alikondapurain and Ami to Yellore, and thence to Bangalore
where the Raya was in camp. The day after his arrival he
had audience with the Raya who described to him the ravages
of the Muslims and urged the need for early action against
them. Ramayyan made light of the enemy and promised
to clear the country of him in no time and bring back victory
with, a number of horses and elephants taken from them.
He was given betel leaf and areca nuts by the Bay a and sent
to his task. Ramayyan then sent word to Ikkeri (Ikkarai)
Venkatakrsii.ayyar and secured his willing co-operation.
Together, they completely routed the Muslim forces, and
Ramayyan captured 60 elephants, 50 camels aad. a thousand
horses from the enemy and produced them before the Raya
as he had. promised. The Raya embraced him with pleasure
and gave him many valuable presents. When the Riya
wanted him to stay in his court, Bamayy&n asked to be
allowed to go to Tirumala who was dear to him, and promised

• to come back at the call of the Raya, if necessity arose as 1m
had just done. Ramayyan then took leave of the Raya and
returned <to Madura with his victorious army.

Ananda Presi, Madras.